Faster Downloads

Get 12 Mbps of download speed on all our plans (even on our entry-level plan)


Faster Uploads

Get 3 Mbps upload speed on all our plans. Quickly send files, share photos, video-chat with Skype™

Available Virtually Anywhere

Don’t suffer any longer with slow cable, DSL or dial-up — super-fast Exede Internet is available almost anywhere.

Ready for faster internet by Exede? Call your Holland, MI Exede Internet Authorized Retailer at 800-894-6133.

Why Exede?

Most advanced satellite Internet technology. Light years ahead of previous satellite Internet service.

It’s available where you are … today. Unlike other technologies that require extensive infrastructure or that may never extend to your area, Exede Internet comes directly to your home from our satellite. If you can get satellite TV, you can most likely get Exede Internet.

It does it all. Faster browsing, video streaming, sharing photos, video-chat, powerful email tools — it’s 240 times faster than dial-up and 4 times faster than average DSL. Exede Internet allows you to do everything you want online … only faster!

All plans include unmetered data. During our Late Night Free Zone, from midnight to 5 a.m., usage does not count against your monthly data plan. Download movies, music and software updates. Upload photo galleries, blog postings and videos!


“Exede is the best Internet service I’ve ever had. Even if I had the choice to have DSL or cable or any other form of broadband, I’d still use Exede. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

-- Charles in Belton, TX

“The technician was very knowledgeable, and getting started was very easy. Exede has proven itself to be an affordable and superior satellite Internet service.”

-- Dennis in Plymouth, New York

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What our clients say...

"Thank you so much for the fast service and the help choosing the best plan! I can't believe how much I saved!"

B. Smith, Holland MI


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